Age Range:

• 0-6 months

• 6-12 months

• 12-36 months

Used for:

• Growth




  • Help to support your baby’s immune system
  • Specially made with nutrients found in breast milk
  • DHA & ARA for brain and eye development  

 Abaocin Formula for Brain


      A baby’s brain develops rapidly during the first two years of life. As babies grow and develop, they reach new and more complex milestones. These milestones are driven by cognitive, motor, social, and communication areas of the brain.

     During this critical period of life, proper nutrition becomes the drive to ideal brain development. Experts believe it is important to supplement formula with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFAs) known as ARA and DHA. DHA and ARA are fatty acids that act as building blocks and eye vision. DHA and ARA are found naturally in breast milk and are available in sufficient amounts in our Abaocin baby formula to enhance brain-nourishing during your baby’s early development. 

     Abaocin is supplied with all proper nutrition for your baby’s optimal growth and development with specially added nutrients to enhance brain development. Abaocin introduces its three-stage formulas designed to match your baby growing nutritional needs.